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Dr. Jennifer Olsen and her dedicated team have helped me tremendously. I incurred an Achilles tendon injury, they have all the equipment necessary including the Graston instruments that have accelerated my recovery and get back on the court, thank you!

William R.
Dr. Jen Olsen has provided me with state-of-the-art therapy services that have greatly alleviated my lower back pain. Jen is always up on the latest techniques and information regarding PT. The Graston technique was new to me before I came to Jen, and it has helped me tremendously.

Janet A.
I’ve known Jenn for over 10 years and any time I’ve had a sports injury, I’ve reached out to her for attentive care. I trust her process and I’m fortunate to have had her by my side throughout each recovery. Thanks!

Lidia D.
Jennifer is an excellent PT provider, she is caring, knowledgeable and very current with the latest therapy technology.

Julie G.